What Are Nuts?

Nuts are technically fruits, which aren’t sweet and are high in calories and fat.

1. Nuts Are Excellent Source of Many Precious Nutrients

One handful or approximately 30 grams of mixed nuts contains

  • Calories: 173
  • Protein: 5 g
  • Fat: 16 g
  • Fiber: 3 g

Nuts are also rich sources of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and selenium.

2. Nuts Are Power House Of Antioxidants

Helps control free radicals, produced in response to heavy sun exposure, stress, pollution and other causes.Polyphenols in nuts, protects your cells.Polyphenols protect cells and good cholesterol from damage.

3. Nuts Can Help You Lose Weight

Almonds and pistachios promote weight loss.Nuts help promote weight loss as the body doesn’t absorb all the calories in nuts.

4. Nuts Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides Levels 

Pistachios help to lower triglycerides in obese and diabetic patients.The high content of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids helps to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides.Almonds and walnuts build up good cholesterol.

5. Nuts Are Beneficial In Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Nuts  help to normalize blood sugar, blood pressure, and others health issues.Help to manage the metabolic syndrome by reducing the cholesterol levels.

6. Nuts Reduce Inflammation

Nuts help in reducing inflammation.People with diabetes, kidney disease, and other serious health conditions are benefitted if appropriate nuts are consumed.

7. Nuts Are Excellent Sources Of  Fiber

Nuts are very good for healthy gut bacteria.Nuts help you feel full soon, so very good for diet watchers.Nuts reduce the number of calories absorbed from meals.

8. Nuts Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Nuts are extremely good for your heart.Nuts can significantly lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Nuts improve artery function and have many other benefits for heart health.

Go Nuts…Why! 

Nuts Are Nutrient Packed, Delicious, Versatile and Universally Available…..