This pandemic has changed all of our lives drastically as the whole world is together in this situation. Most of us have been limited to our homes for a long time. No one would have ever thought of something like this, hence finding ourselves helpless in this condition as no one knows what to do with this seemingly endless vacations. On the one hand many are doing work from home and carrying out daily chores while on the other hand many are just sitting there thinking about how to pass their time. This situation can be depressing if the time is not utilized smartly. Some are quarantined with their families while others are all alone handling the situation all alone. Here in this article, we will be learning about various ways that can make our quarantine productive as well as interesting. 

There is a very interesting line quoted by a very famous poet Dorothy Parker, “The cure for boredom is curiosity but there is no cure for curiosity.” Hence we can make this curiosity the base of our activities which will lead us to produce amazing results. In this Self Quarantine time, we can breed in our homes conversations that nourish, develops introspection and hobbies for life.


Composing poetry requires a lot of time and a relaxed mind without any other thing that is consuming our concentration and we have got all this during this lockdown period. It’s a competition where you need to worry about how your poetry will come out or if anyone would like it or not. But this is for your comfort as writing poetry can be real soul food. You can write about anything as in this situation everyone is filled with tons of emotions, why not write it down?


I think this one has been tried by most of us. Yes, it can be a very good option for utilizing our time creatively and the product which comes out also sort our food for the time. I agree not everyone can be master at it but at least we can try and find it out ourselves also the practice makes a man perfect. I will recommend you that instead of going for exotic recipes and shopping for it, start with the basic ones and use the ingredients that are already available in the kitchen.


Reading is never outdated and overrated. Reading good books can be therapeutic and evolving. In this stressful situation, books can come up as your best friend and a motivator too. Depressing thoughts can be overcome by reading quality content that induces good thoughts and motivation in your inner self to stand strong in these tough times.


Lying down aimlessly or resting on a couch can be amazing for some time but later on, it can make you restless. Here exercises can help you out. Exercising can not only help you in remaining physically fit but also help in maintaining good mental health. However, choosing a set of exercises can be a task for you. Always opt for the exercises depending upon your body and physical fitness. Like choosing very tough exercises if you are a beginner can be a bad option. However, there are many guides on YouTube that can help you in this context.


Building your new garden or grooming up the existing one can be a good option. Coming out under the open sky and doing some physical stuff can bring you out of that corner zone and you will feel much relaxed and stress will be relieved. Do plantation of your own choice and you’ll see your hard work paying off in front of you in the form of beautiful plants and flowers.


Spending time with your loved ones has always been ignored with a number of excuses like not having enough time or similar things. But now there is nothing like that and you have plenty of time. Give more time to your family and have long conversations with them. This can not only refresh your mind but also will bring you closer to them and you’ll learn many things which have been skipped in those busy schedule days.


You can a whole new makeover to the house with the help of your other family members. There have been those little corners where you haven’t clean for long time, clean them up. Make art and craft yourself and also involve the children in the house and decorate the house with them.


You can also start a new hobby all over. There must have been a thing you wanted to do since long but didn’t due to less time you have. This is a great time to start it. This hobby can be anything from drawing, painting, cooking, playing guitar, piano etc. You don’t have to go anywhere to learn them some of them are there with you always like drawing and some you can learn from online classes or videos like playing guitar. Give them a chance!

Other than the ways to utilize the time in quarantine, there is one more big concern for all of us, Immunity! The only way out for the protection from this pandemic is by building your immunity. There are many ways which are being discussed to do so and one is herbal teas. Yes! Herbal teas can help a lot in enhancing your immunity in a very natural way. Let’s know about a few herbal teas.


This amazing herbal tea helps in soothing the throat and enhances immunity to fight against viral infections like cold, cough and fever. This herbal tea gives heat to the body and relieves the complaints. Ingredients required to make this tea:

  • Ginger- 1 or 2 slices or you can use in grated form
  • One teaspoon honey
  • Two cloves
  • One small piece of cinnamon bark
  • Some small part of orange peel

Method To Prepare- Boil water and put all the ingredients in it. Let it boil for 10 minutes and let it cool down. Strain it and drink.


This tea not only helps to increase the immunity but also detoxify the body. Ingredients for the tea:

  • One lemon juice
  • One teaspoon honey
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • Half teaspoon turmeric powder

Method To Prepare- Put turmeric and pepper powder in a cup and pour boiling water on it. Now add honey and lemon juice in it. Let it come to lukewarm temperature and drink.

Similarly, there are many other herbal teas like Ashwagandha tea, Tulsi tea, etc that helps in enhancing your immunity.


A situation can be an opportunity or tough time, it totally depends upon you and your perspective. So rather than mourning over the bad part of the condition, change your mindset and make out the best of this time by utilizing it in any of the mentioned ways. You can also add other interesting and productive things depending upon your choices.