Most common cause of irregular periods is high/low thyroid, blood sugar and anaemia.

Get basic tests like Thyroid profile,Blood sugar and Hb tested. 

There seems to be an epidemic of Hypothyroidism, means Low functioning of thyroid gland.

No, it has nothing to do with presence or absence of Fluoride in common salt.

Thyroxine hormone is naturally secreted by thyroid gland and this hormone makes us on the go, increases capabilities to think, to analyze and to solve.

Means that women with higher levels of Thyroxine are always on the move, doing unexpected, contributing to self and to society and in short are Type A personality.

It also means that women with low levels of thyroid are the opposite.

About 40 years ago, weight conscious women would pop a tablet of Thyroxine to Keep weight under control.

Every medicine has side effects and this includes tablets of Thyroxine which is given as a supplement, unguarded by doing any tests and just relying on TSH hormone produced from Pituitary gland in brain which gives orders to other glands also to produce relevant hormones.

A High level of TSH does not mean that thyroid gland is under strain, is not producing less of Thyroxine, therefore give the woman extra Thyroxine from outside to make her thyroid gland function NORMALLY.

Low thyroid and Obesity are lifestyle disorders and can be corrected by modifying few things

1) Yoga & meditation

2) Weight reduction by healthy eating and not by starving.

3) Contributing in a socially productive activity which helps self also.

If on Thyroxine hormone, reduce the dose and do monitor Complete Thyroid Profile that includes TSH,T3,T4 hormones circulating in blood. Take a relevant low dose

Periods may get corrected and become regular.

4) Do not take hormones erratically. Pills like 'Unwanted' are meant for Emergencies only and are not meant to pop as a routine as and when required.

Ipill/Unwanted are loaded with hormones, preventing an unwanted pregnancy but making Periods Irregular for months ahead.

5) A low dose contraceptive pill if given regularly for 3 months to a 16 years old girl does make her Irregular periods regular and she does not become dependent on hormones.

6) Avoid hormone Replacement therapy at Perimenopausal time. Like the case of girl around Puberty phase mentioned above, this too is a phase of life at age 40-50. 

Menopause phase is only after half of life spent in doing duties assigned by God-to bear kids.

Nature is kind. It does not want the woman to go on bearing kids.

Nature puts a Full Stop and accept it happily with a positive spirit.

7) Avoid certain foods like Dates, Cumin,Ginger-Garlic and other natural blood thinners.

8) If woman is taking blood thinners like Aspirin, Sorbitrate, Salbutamol ( Asthalin) her periods would be heavy, will last longer and may be erratic too.

Rule out other lesions like Fibroids by a simple ultrasound of abdomen and get Just sufficient dose of above medicines.

Take inhalers of Salbutamol types of medicines as they go direct to the lungs instead of going through the blood route.

Beware of epidemics-like thyroid ,there is an epidemic of unwanted Hysterectomies also!

Do not be get entrapped to get an unwanted hysterectomy.

The Solution lies Within You only.