There is no prize without some struggle. And getting a beautiful healthy smile is definitely a prize worth making efforts.

Orthodontic treatment (braces) helps transform smiles. Keeping teeth clean and healthy is of utmost importance.

For getting positive timely results from orthodontic treatment and also having healthy teeth at the end is going to require some effort from the patient.

Following are some oral care tips to help the patient in their journey of orthodontic treatment:

1. Healthy diet

Braces have small nooks and corners where food can get stuck easily. The risk of tooth decay and gum problems may be higher while the patient is wearing braces. Permanent damage to tooth enamel can occur if the teeth and brackets are not kept clean.

Eating sticky food like chips, cheese gets stuck easily on braces and can lead to cavities. Eat a healthy diet and not junk food to keep your teeth healthy.

2. Less snacking

Frequent snacking gives more opportunities for germs to attack teeth, resulting in an increased risk of cavities. Since it is not possible to brush your teeth every time you have snacks, it is best to restrict snacking once a day.

3. Drinking water

There should be a definite limit to consuming sugary juices and sodas. But increase the amount of water you drink.

Water not just helps in hydrating but will help in flushing out parts of stuck food in the mouth.

4. Braces friendly diet

Hard and sticky food like chips, chocolates, hard dry fruits has to be avoided.

Braces consist of wires and small brackets which tend to break on eating hard food. If they keep on breaking frequently, it’s going to prolong your treatment.

5. Brushing

There is no alternative to brushing your teeth to have healthy teeth.

Having braces means you have to brush after every meal and after every snacking. Spend time carefully brushing your teeth around the brackets of braces.

A special orthodontic toothbrush is recommended.

6. Use of interdental brush

Often you may experience food getting stuck between the wire and teeth.

A special interdental brush is available for brushing between this space. It is recommended to use an interdental brush after you eat anything.

7. Regular dental visits

Do not miss your dental appointments. Timely visits for orthodontic adjustments will give you early and good results.

Take care of your braces and the braces will take care of your smile.