Most people love the relief that monsoon brings from summer, but some poor souls find themselves surrounded with aches and pains. Although it sounds strange the weather does really influence joint pain. The fluctuation in weather can lead to stiffness in the muscles and can aggravate the pain in the joints. 

Not only old people but young people with a sedentary lifestyle can also experience severe discomfort in their joints during monsoon.

Here are some tips to prevent these aches and pains:

1. Exercise – One of the effective ways to avoid pain is through exercise. Regular exercise like walking, jogging can quickly give you relief from joint pains.

2. Stretch at work – Even if your job involves sitting at a desk all day long, don’t forget to get up and walk a few steps, every hour. Since offices are fully air-conditioned, and such cool environments can also increase the pain. Make sure you get up and move, or you can also do some easy yoga poses at your desk, to prevent pain these monsoons.

3. Avoid heels – Women who face discomfort in the joints should strictly avoid wearing heels and improper footwear in this season as it can further intensify the pain.

4. Food - Consume foods rich in Vitamin D and calcium – Cheese, spinach, milk are the superfoods for your joints.

5. Fluid - Drink lots of water.

6. Avoid foods like curd, sweets, rice, pickle, tomato ketchup, brinjal, and sour drinks. Add garlic to your food. Garlic is anti-inflammatory.

7. Drink turmeric milk: Add a pinch of turmeric to boiling milk, consume just before bedtime.

If still, your pain persists, then consult your doctor.