Diwali 2020 will mark our first Diwali during the Coronavirus pandemic and hopefully the last one too. Despite the increase in the infection, people are thronging the markets for shopping, which can make people detrimental in the management of COVID-19. This Diwali, lets make sure to take certain measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The most important measures include:

1. Gatherings should be avoided: Keep celebrations low-key this year. Spend time with family members only and avoid gatherings or visiting too many friends and family. Gatherings have been seen as one of the biggest reasons in the spread of COVID-19 infection.

2. E-greetings instead of physical greetings: Instead of physical greetings, e-greetings should be preferred. Send e-greetings through emojis, phone calls, or video calls. Physical contact like hugs and handshakes should be avoided as they can result in the spread of infection.

3. Gift masks and hand sanitizers: Along with traditional gifts, add Covid-19 essentials like sanitizers and masks to your gift hampers.

4. Follow Social Distancing rules: Masks should be worn at all times and physical distance should be maintained even in low gatherings. Remember these measures will minimize and prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

5. Attend prayers and puja at home only: Prayers that form the core of Diwali should take place with minimum gathering, preferably within the family. It is best to avoid puja-hoping from one shop to another or from one house to another to stay safe.

6. Unwell individuals to stay indoors and preferably isolated: Individuals who feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms should avoid gatherings at all costs. We understand its celebration time and none of us would like to be isolated, but for the safety of near and dear ones, it is better to stay isolated.

7. No crackers: Crakers should be avoided at all costs as it can prove disastrous for COVID-19 patients and patients suffering from other respiratory issues around your vicinity. The pollution from the crackers may cause breathing difficulties even in healthy individuals.

In a nutshell, let's keep celebrations small and intimate. The Covid-19 pandemic is still around and being and behaving responsibly is the only key to prevent the spreading of the infection.