Many of us are addicted to sugar and need some form of sugar every day. For most of us, sugar has become a mandatory food group and is a part of our daily diet. But we are not completely aware of the adverse effects of excess sugar consumption. Find below a list of some of the various adverse and negative side effects of excess sugar consumption.

1.It accelerates aging according to one research. Sugar contains fructose, which is stronger than glucose in building up free radicals, due to which so many people across the world are facing health problems such as diabetes, heart ailments, etc. These ailments are detrimental to the body and ultimately accelerate aging.

2. Daily overdose of sugar leads to ‘browning’ or ‘rusting’ of tissues. Overdosing of sugar will not only affect age but also lead to browning of tissues due to internal chemical reactions in our body, which proves to be harmful for our health.

3. Excessive sugar intake will affect our hormonal system and balance. Sugar contains fructose , which if consumed in large quantities tricks our brain into believing that we haven’t eaten enough, even when we actually have. This leads to overeating and unnecessary cravings.

4. Eating a diet high in refined sugar is a leading cause of obesity. Sugar is directly converted to fat by your body, and the more sugar you eat, the fatter you will be. Many people think that eating fatty food is the main cause of weight gain. But that is not true. Sugar is the main cause for fat gain, for most people.

5. Sugar destroys your teeth and gums. The combination of sugar, saliva, and bacteria creates the perfect recipe for tooth decay. So, try to avoid consumption of sugar to maintain oral health.

6. Sugar makes you fat and sick. When we eat sugar (actually, any refined carbohydrates) it gets turned into glucose. Excessive glucose converts into triglycerides in our livers and is then stored in fat cells. Sugar makes us fat. Again, as you can see, it isn’t necessarily dietary fat that makes us fat. It’s most likely sugar.

7. Sugar leads to malnourishment. Sugar leeches minerals from the body and makes you over-weight. You become simultaneously malnourished and fat.

To avoid excessive consumption of sugar, do read nutrition labels before buying packaged foods. Control sugar intake with cautious and smart grocery shopping.