We all are using water to quench our thirst, but most of us are unaware of miraculous properties associated with water. You name any part of your body and we have water playing a major role in keeping it healthy and rolling.

I will try to summarize its great potential in few points. Here's the list:

1. Digestion

Food we eat get some help from water at the first contact point in the form of saliva. Water helps in formation of Saliva which contains many components helping in digestion.

Water also helps in converting food to components our body can absorb. These components are essential for survival.

2. Protects Brain And Spinal Cord

Brain and spinal cord are part of nervous system of our body and extremely important for us to live a healthy life.

Water keeps them and us safe by acting as a Shock Absorber.

3. Regulates Body Temperature

Our body is constantly facing the surrounding atmosphere and variations in temperature and climate associated with it. Internal organs are prone to get affected by this change which sometimes happen suddenly.

Water plays a major role in regulating and maintaining body temperature by 'Sweating and Respiration'

4. Lubricates Joints

Our joints are so important for our day to day activities. And to keep them going, regular lubrication is required. Water plays a vital role in this and thus helps us in maintaining our daily routine.

5. Growth And Repair

Our body is in a continuous growth phase. And for this growth water plays a vital role. Also our body cells face regular 'wear and tear'. Water helps in repairing our body cells also.

With aging some cells die also and they need to be replaced. For this other body cells need to reproduce. Reproduction can not be completed without water. 

6. Waste Removal

Removing toxins from your body is as important as taking healthy food.  Water flushes out body waste, mainly in the form of urine. This helps to maintain body balance and making it toxin free. So a good amount of water intake is highly recommended.

Drinking ample amount of water is so important for your body. Adequate intake of water helps in eliminating a large number of diseases. Intake of around 2 liters of water daily is recommended. So, keep drinking.