How to lose weight post pregnancy ?

Ohh woww just look at her!! she has lost so much of weight after giving birth to a new one.Have you experienced the same thing post pregnancy? Then read on...While is completely okay to envy celebrities ,its not a great idea to get lured by their extremely fit looking body just after 4 months of giving birth to a baby.There is more to it than you actually see.Its very obvious that you are desperate to lose the weight you have gained during nine months of your pregnancy but as they say patience is the key.Don't be in  hurry and wait till your baby turns 2 months old.

Here are some tips which you can follow so that you are able to lose weight gradually -

1. Don't put yourself on a strict or crash diet- While the flab here and there post pregnancy is troubling you,it is very important to give your body time to recover.Your body has gone through a lot of mental and physical changes in the past nine months and hence you need to go slow.Also as you have been breastfeeding your baby it is extremely important to keep tab of your diet.Depriving yourself of adequate food or starving yourself would affect your health and ultimately the health of your little one.Eat a well balanced diet and if you have to nosh then go ahead and have a fruit,salad sticks,whole wheat crackers, a cup of Greek yogurt or handful roasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds.Eat small and frequent meals and make sure that your calories do not dip to less than 2000 Kcal per day.

Do not go on a crash diet!

2. Breastfeeding is the best- Breastfeeding is not only good for your baby but great for you too.Many studies have advocated that breastfeeding can help in losing the post baby weight faster.Breast milk strengthens your baby's immune system and provides umpteen number of benefits.Usually when you are breastfeeding there needs to be an increase of 400-500 calories each day so the total number of calories would range from 2800-3000 calories.Make sure these calories come from nutritious foods(fruits,vegetables,oats,daliya,brown rice,milk,paneer,yogurt and so on).Stay away from refined,processed and sugary foods as these are just going to add on more kilos rather than doing any good to your body.

Do not forget to breast feed your baby :)

3. Get maximum nutrition- When you are nursing its extremely important to eat foods which not only benefit you but benefit the baby is too.Post -pregnancy you need a protein and fiber rich diet.Protein containing foods like milk,paneer,yogurt are great sources of calcium too and hence need to be included in the diet without fail.Apart from these chicken,beans,dal,fish(a great source of omega 3 fatty acids- good for the development of the baby's neurological system) are very important for ones body post pregnancy.Don't forget to include almonds/walnuts/sunflower seeds/flax-seeds/chia seeds in the diet as these are energy dense and help in keeping you full for longer duration.

Eat a nutritious meal during lactation.

4. Drink plenty of water- During breastfeeding a good amount of water goes in to the production of breast-milk and hence not drinking enough water can make you feel dehydrated.Drinking enough water shall speed up your metabolism and keep you full for longer duration.Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day and go up to 15 glasses if needed.

Drink enough of water each day.

5. Get enough sleep- This might seem next to impossible but yes not getting enough sleep can make your weight loss journey difficult.While you are on 24*7 duty ,as your baby keeps you on your toes day in and day out getting enough sleep is necessary.Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and ultimately the production of cortisol a hormone which is capable of creating havoc in the entire body.In fact you can put on weight in the process rather losing any.Stress can make you an emotional eater and you would end up eating unhealthy stuff.Take naps whenever your baby sleeps and catch as many naps as you can during the day.Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day so that the increasing weight does not remain to be stuck by your side for long.

Get good sleep.

6. Get set exercise- Exercising is necessary if you need to lose the piled up weight and get rid of the escalating stress.But before you think of getting into your gym shoes don't forget to consult the Doctor.Your baby has already been making you run from pillar to post ,but just that kind of exercise isn't enough.After an advice from your Dr. you can start with aerobic exercises and strength training which shall help you in burning excess calories.Try going for a walk at least for 30-35 minutes(break it up into two parts if required) in a day or in the evening initially in order to get your body going.

Exercise with your baby alongside :)

In the end your health lies in your hands,eat well,exercise with fail and sleep enough :)