1. Sleep well: Adequate sleep of minimum 6 to 8 hours helps in restoring optimal blood pressure and heart function. Switching off the electronic gadgets like tv, mobile phones and the computer goes a long way in achieving the same.

2. Eat right: Balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, liver prevents malnutrition. Avoiding packed food, fried food, fast food, sugary food, aerated drinks help curb obesity. Binge eating and overeating lead to digestive problems.

3. Reduce anxiety: Work pressure, financial liability, peer pressure, work-life imbalance and lifestyle problems lead to a lot of stress which indirectly causes peptic ulcer, headaches, sleeplessness and depression.

4. Keep moving: Physical inactivity, lifestyle changes, mechanisation has led to obesity, menstrual irregularities, cardiac problems. Engaging in sports, dance, yoga, walking and exercising regularly will prevent a lot of disease in this era.

5. Smile often: More of human relationship rather than social networking, reduced cell phone time and engaging in philanthropic activity gives a feeling of worthiness and happiness.

6. Take a break: Always move a step backwards and ask yourself whether what you are doing presently is right or not. Short and long vacations help in rejuvenating oneself.