The corner-stone of being healthy is having a strong back that supports your structure and weight. Dont wait for your back to give away for you to start appreciating its importance. These are 6 simple steps to stay strong and healthy with a lower back that allows you to climb mount everest instead of having one that makes you take leaves from work. I have worked in the best institutions nationally and internationally and adopted this protocol for my patients with wonderful results. The photos are self explanatory. Essentially if you are fine and healthy then just doing the ones in the picture will keep you that way. However exercise theraphy for those suffering from chronic low back pain without any obvious pathology is very tricky. An award winning research paper revealed that just half an hour of walking daily, may be sufficient to help you with the pain. Interestingly they also found that those who are heavier would get beneficial results by walking even lesser!!  Based on a variety of factors, your spine surgeon will chalk out a series of phased manner exercises to get you back on track! But all a specialist can do is show you the way. Motivation to follow the exercises and determination to get better go longer than any medicine anyone can prescribe. So stay positive, stay motivated , live life and exercise!