Just after partition Haryana & Punjab were Sibling Rivals, both states are progressive in their own individual ways.

I was born at Hissar, now a major city of Haryana but relocated to Delhi when I was Just 6 years old.

My experiences are based on observations while working for 20 years plus opposite one of the villages opposite posh colony where these folks are barred due to cultural differences.

I worked for a PHC in one among 2000 Lal Dora villages within Delhi and got Cultural Shocks at age 50 +

Lal Dora Land was Demarcated by British around 1900 and given as a gift to rural folks who were happy tending to cattle and dedicating their lives to Agriculture.

There are No MCD rules Applicable to land marked as Red Spots in Map of Delhi.

Suddenly but gradually these simple folks became The Mighty Landowners.

Haryana is land of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan. This is the land of the people who till the land.

Only Positives about people but some negatives too as it is with people belonging to any race,place,religion or region.

The women,despite in Purdaah are as hard working as men, help them in tilling the land and looking after cattle like own kids.

Seniors are looked after well, respected & Live among Juniors as a large Family with concept of Live and Let Live and Widows Are Not Dumped At Places Like Vrindavan.

These women complain less and visit doctors only if need be, they are loyal,do not have to resort to Botox as anti ageing medicine, as working all day is the Gymn and exposure to Sun is Sunshine Vitamin D for their bones at times of Menopause. There is Plenty of Pure Milk and they Do Not Require Supplements Of Calcium or Vitamin D. They grow their own vegetables and before Organic farming became 'In" These folks were giving us organic vegetables and fruits grown Local , in and around Delhi.

These folks Talk Straight. No Beating around the Bush for a Thinking Brain ! Yes Me too Believe in Straight Talk and abhor Deception & Falsehood.

Some Negatives.

Maximum number of kids born with congenital illnesses are here only ,because Women are given Medicines during pregnancy to Bear the Much Coveted Son(s)

Being Mighty Landlords have made them to House Innumerable Migrant Tenants who get cheap places to live minus amenities. Criminals and others live together in all 2000 red dotted villages of Delhi,where MCD, Water & Electricity folks are not welcome as No Rules are applicable since British Times 1900 onwards till date.

Poor Cousin Haryana Surges Ahead of Punjab !

But Girl child ratio is all time low at 200:1000 girls vs. boys.If Migrant Tenants people do not have money to spend on sex determination tests, girls are KILLED at birth,not one, not 2 but 3 in a row despite Best Efforts of (Lady)Doctors working in Rural Villages of Delhi under Most Tedious Conditions among Migrants from UP, Bihar & Bengal. And Mighty Landlords are Helpless

These Migrant Tenants folks care a Damn for Slogans of Govt. Beti Bachao, Beti Padao. On paper Ultrasound Centers have been closed though.

One or two Olympic Medals brought by Survivor Girls of Haryana has uplifted to Spirit of Other Wannabe Girls who want to Make It in Life and These Girls Will Make it For Sure as it is Inherent in Girls-to have a One Tract Mind. 

Have an Aim and Follow it religiously !

1990 with New Wave of opportunity, Haryana Could make More Progress compared to Punjab Equally Notorious for Not Saving The Girl Child.

Progress of Haryana is weighed down by Inequitable Growth.

It is a lesson to keep in mind while the state opens another chapter of growth for next 50 years keeping in mind the  Survival of women and girls which Will constitute 50% of population for Sure.

Wishful Thinking And Girls of Haryana are going to Change the Scenario for Good.