A healthy heart is a route to a healthy and fulfilling life. And it can be only attained by leading a healthy and sufficient lifestyle that nourishes the heart to its core and helps it act as a natural pacemaker.

  1. Arjuna For Good Cardiovascular Health: As recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures itself, Arjuna is known to be extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system that includes the heart and blood vessels needed to circulate the blood across the body. Primarily, the bark of Arjuna is to be taken regularly with hot water to boost cardiovascular health.

  2. Ashwagandha For Rejuvenating The Good Cardiac Factors: For ages, Ashwagandha has been used as a stimulant to rejuvenate the body’s vital health organs and amp up the energy requirements. This also ensures that the heart remains healthy as it promotes the good factors that affect cardiovascular health. You can take a scoop of Ashwagandha daily to keep your heart healthy.

  3. Yoga Postures For Intense Cardio Sessions: It’s important that the body and heart should have well-built stamina and hence, a few yoga postures must be performed regularly. Intense yoga marathons consisting of Surya Namaskara and the likes can be regularly performed for boosting overall heart health.

  4. Diet and Health Supplements Required: When you seek a healthy heart, it is of utmost importance that your diet consists of healthy dietary elements that are devoid of any extra layered up unsaturated fats or LDL (stands for low-density lipoproteins). This is also known as bad cholesterol and has ample chances of getting layered up in the blood vessels  - further threatening with a potential heart failure or angioplasty.

  5. Detoxification For Heart’s Health: Ayurveda recommends getting your body detoxified every once in a while to avoid any toxic build-ups internally. For a healthy heart, it is also important that you undergo Panchkarna - the five steps of Ayurvedic detoxification to be hale and hearty.