Summer comes and so does the heat. It is extremely hot in certain cities or states in India during the summers and to ensure that the excess heat doesn’t make you sick, here are some summer tips to beat the heat and remain cool.

Stay hydrated: Be it home or office, you should keep taking liquids at regular interval. Carry a bottle with you when you are travelling; to stay hydrated is one of the best ways to keep away from summer related sickness. Also, ensure that the water is clean and filtered or it can increase your problems.

Avoid fatty foods: Summers should be more about fresh fruits and vegetables rather than fatty foods. Fatty foods increase the cholesterol and also decrease your capacity to fight with the heat.

Wear cool clothes: And clothing is the most important part of self care in summers. We won’t suggest sleeveless or short clothes as it can lead to skin burns and rashes. Instead go for light cotton, but make sure your body is covered.

Anti-septic liquids: Use a cap of antiseptic cooling agents in your bathing water to stay away from germs. Sweat can lead to the formation of germs in your body and therefore, you need to take care of it.

Use umbrellas and sunglasses: Sun rays are not only uncomfortable but also harmful for your eyes and skin. So, whenever possible carry an umbrella with you and also wear sunglasses in the sun.

Eat, drink, and be merry but don’t avoid any germs and infections. If you notice any skin alterations, or any of your dear ones lose consciousness because of the heat, take them to the hospital immediately.