If the child does not eat well or is a faulty eater then he or she may not grow right during the childhood and may be different to achieve milestones. so this period is considered to be the critical growth years for your child.

  1. SET A ROUTINE: There should be enough gap between the meals. No in between snacking should be given to the child. Fix a routine with proper time and follow regularly for two weeks. This will help the child to understand hunger signals and when the child is hungry, he or she will definitely eat the food which is being served, now it is up to the parents to take advantage of this situation. I think most of the parents which serve healthy food at this moment of hunger and over the period child will start loving healthy food.
  2. THROW THE JUNK: " Out of the sight means Out of the mind." If the junk food like chips, colas are stored in the kitchen and refrigerator then certainly the child would like to go for that. Instead start filling the refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies.
  3. RIGHT ENVIRONMENT: Eat together to pass on healthy food habits to the next generation. Parents are the role models, kids just follow their parents. So be the positive role model, eat healthy so that the child eats healthy.. simple..!!
  4. STOP FORCE FEEDING: Never force feed the child. If the child is not hungry then do not fed. Trust the child and also understand the hunger signals.The food should never be served as a reward or as a punishment. 
  5. TRY HEALTHY FOODS WITH FAVORITE FOODS: Try variety of new foods in this way the child would start eating healthy food. For example: Blending veggies in the home made pasta sauce and serve it with wheat pasta. Preparing dishes with various shape also helps, For example: star shaped palak paratha.

Even after all these efforts if the child is not growing according to his/her age, consult a pediatrician and for a well-balanced diet plan consult a dietitian.