You  need to start today to look good tomorrow.

You might feel that losing weight is all about going on crash diets and starving yourself.But that is not truth.Fad or crash diets cannot give you realistic and sustainable weight loss and the effects are short term.In order to lose weight you need to follow a well balanced diet and top it up with exercise.However in order to sustain the lost weight you need to keep in mind the following tips.Not only will these tips help you in losing weight but will also make sure that you do gain again in the long run.

Here are the most important tips which you need to know-

1. Do not skip meals

If you think that skipping meals is a good option,then you are absolutely wrong.Skipping meals makes your metabolism sluggish and you become prone to over eating in the very next meal.Skipping of meals is a way in which the body gets into the starvation mode and starts accumulating fat cells for energy for later.Hence do not skip any of meals and try and eat when you are hungry.Do not force your body to eat in every 1-2 hours but select healthy meals whenever you plan to eat.

2. Drink enough water

Drinking water is very essential if you need to lose weight.Water keeps you full for longer duration and helps in removal of unnecessary toxins thereby keeping the weight in check.Try and consume at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.If you find the concept of having plain water boring then add in few slices of cucumber,lemon wedges,handful mint leaves and chopped ginger.Set aside for sometime and Enjoy!!You can also add slices of apple and a pinch of cinnamon powder to make your normal water interesting.

3. Eat the best snack 

All of us love to snack but many a times end up choosing the wrong snack.Rather than having a pack of chips,biscuits or farsan go ahead and have some salad sticks with hummus/whole wheat crackers/fruits/handful nuts/1 Cup of greek yoghurt/Handful chana/roasted peanuts or Sunflower seeds.You can also make a carbohydrate and protein packed snack by applying a tsp of peanut butter/almond butter on your slice of apple/pear or top your whole wheat cracker with hummus/feta cheese.If you snack right you would not have to face hunger pangs as the above snacks can keep you full for long and reduce the chances of over eating.

4. Exercise is a must

Exercise does not only help in keeping those extra kilos at bay but also keeps you fresh and energetic.If you are not a gym person then make sure to walk for  at least 25-30 minutes or indulge in your favorite sport on days when you are not working.It can be cricket,football,tennis,badminton or any other sport of your choice.You can also start your day with yoga and end it with either zumba or cross fit. Be more physically active and see the weight going down in no time.

5. Be wise while you choose the portion size

Yes this holds loads of importance.Sticking to portion size is extremely important to lose and maintain your weight.Start with a small portion of food and do not go on adding food in the plate.If you pile up too much of food then you would definitely end up eating the entire thing.Remember you need to eat to live and not live to eat.If you feel that you might eat excess food then start a meal with a salad/stir fry or a glass of buttermilk.These would make you feel full and you will surely not eat more than required.