Polycystic ovarian syndrome popularly called as PCOS has become one of the common diagnoses especially among the current young generation. It constitutes symptoms like weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, acne,hirsutism, in some cases - infertility.

PCOS consists of features like altered hormone levels [FSH/LH  ratio or testosterone levels] , altered ovary features on ultrasound [like polycystic changes in ovary] ,obesity with or without insulin resistance. As a treatment major role is played by ‘LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION.’ 

Here are 5 tips how to keep yourself healthy even with PCOS :

1. Food 

Alter your food habits by increasing fiber and protein content,adding more fruits / salads/ vegetables in to your diet as it not only improves your weight management but also source of antioxidants 

2. De-stress 

Stress is the main factor involved in this kind of disease may it be professional stress , educational stress, environmental or even personal stress leading to stress at your tissue and cellular level. Hence choose a way to destress yourself with a holiday or hobby or even spa! [it does help !!! ]

3. Exercise 

As a part of destress endorphins which are released in our body when we are happy or when we exercise are also important.Start a regular activity like walking/jogging/exercise therapy/yoga/aerobics/cycling/swimming etc any of which interests you.Exercise should constitute warm up, work out and cool down for 45min to one hour ,atleast 5 times a week.

4. Councelling and treatment

Not to forget your doctor’s advise and follow their treatment timely and clear your doubts during councelling. Feel free to explore your doubts and improve your knowledge when you are with your doctor.

5. Stitch in time saves nine 

Last but not the least, most of the complications like infertility,morbid obesity, dyslipidemia or even altered glucose metabolism all happen when you neglect the above symptoms and delay the treatment. Hence visit your doctor in the very begining of the symptoms or even if you are in doubt of these symptoms so as to reap the benefit of your health !