Congenital heart defects can be both due to hereditary effects or due to an anomaly during gestation. It basically translates the fact that there’s been a structural problem with the heart present since birth. It often comes as a scary development if and when detected due to the notion of it being lethal. Here, we debunk those myths related to the same.

  1. Can Be Detected in Adults As Well As Newborns: Congenital heart defects may be detected as early as the day of the birth or as late as an adult at any particular stage of his/her life. The detection totally depends on the fatigue of the body with respect to the condition and severity of the issue.

  2. You Can Still Lead A Normal Life: The defect may or may not be detected early depending on the severity of the issue but we want to assure you that people are able to lead their lives very normally despite the diagnosis. 70% of the cases are found to be fit for treatment and help the patient to go back to their normal activities. So panic isn’t really the right way to go about it.

  3. Know The Symptoms For An Early Diagnosis: If you’re facing signs of respiratory problems like shortness of breath, chest pain without any specific cause, or problems related to the oxo-efficiency of the blood, chances are that your body is hinting towards a heart-related problem - congenital or not depends on the diagnosis. Most of these diagnostics are not always lethal and hence, panic shouldn’t be the next discourse. Head to a cardiologist in time and get yourself treated.

  4. Take Care of Your Heart: With conditions of congenital heart defect, it is important that all kinds of restraints are maintained during and after treatment to ensure that your heart remains healthy. Consume plenty of Omega-e Fatty Acids - you can go for natural sources like flax seeds and nuts for the same. Ensure no bad cholesterol gets to your system and increase the chances of atherosclerosis. Your heart must remain healthy at all costs.

  5. Congenital Heart Defects Is Not Always Lethal: Contrary to popular beliefs, congenital heart defects can be treated with man-made extension and are very much operable with high success rates. The diagnosis of congenital heart disease is not a death sentence.