Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a problem with the heart's structure and function that is present at birth. 

The defects can involve the Heart walls, valves of the heart, Great vessels and septum of the chamber.  

  • In heart valve defects, the valves inside the heart that direct blood flow may close up (stenosis) or leak (regurgitation). This interferes with the heart’s ability to pump blood correctly. 
  • In heart wall defects, the natural walls that exist between the left and right sides of the heart we call Atrium and ventricle. Both the chamber separated by the septum, sometimes they can some defects like ASD VSD, etc.
  • In blood vessel defects, the arteries and veins that carry blood to the heart and back out to the body may not function correctly. Means change of position of great arteries. 

Congenital Heart Disease Cyanotic and Acyanotic.

What Are the Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease?    

Cyanotic Disease - bluish lips (Cyanosis), skin, fingers, and toe breathlessness or trouble breathing feeding difficulties low birth weight, delay growth of the child.  Acynotic- symptoms Same accept cyanosis not present. other symptoms abnormal heart rhythms, dizziness, trouble breathing, fainting, swelling, fatigue.

Investigation and Treatment-   Investigation-  X-ray chest, ECG, 2D / Echo, Cardiac Cath, etc.   Treatment- Medication, Catheter Procedures- Like Device closure, Open-Heart Surgery,  Heart Transplant.