ohhhhhhh my little one is constipated. She is not passing stools regularly. If she pass they are hard difficult to pass and she really have to strain. She wants to pass the stools standing...she just doesn't want to sit on the pot seat.

It's a vicious circle if the child has difficulty to pass stools to avoid the discomfort and pain that she goes through she holds it and it further leads to constipation.

1..Help them to drink lot of water 

2..All fruits with p helps them plums prunes papaya pear works wondersIf 3..if the child is below1 year...gently massage their tummy, make them lie on their tummy, give them warm water bath which helps to relax their muscles.

4..Avoid giving junk..wheat bread instead of white bread. 

5..Simple dal rice with lot of ghee 

Give probiotics like curd . 

As soon as they get up give them something warm to drink like warm milk or warm water. Motivate them to sit on potty seat. Make the activity fun. 

It has been observed that more than 60% of kids respond if we proper toilet train them. 

Kids feel going to poo is a waste of time so they have a habit to hold it and that also leads to constipation. If still the child is constipated we at Paediatreat (www.paediatreat.com) gives medicines which helps your child.