Here is a list of 5 common symptoms that mean you might need a Dental Implant Treatment:

1. Missing teeth: 

Losing teeth might be because of various reasons like tooth decay, gum disease, a failed root canal, or the result of an injury. Missing teeth cause discomfort, insecurity and can prompt structural issues. At the point when a tooth drops out, the nearby teeth start to move and fill in the extra space along with the occurrence of resorption which happens when the jawbone recoils away because of the absence of root stimulation. The best solution for the missing teeth is the dental implant which fills in space where the gap is created due to missing teeth, and gives the feel & look of natural teeth.

2. Bone loss in the jaw: 

If you are experiencing bone loss in the jaw area, then Dental Implants can help in aiding its prevention. Since the procedure of the implant involves the placement of implant directly into the jaw bone where the implant bonds to the bone tissue which then causes the bone to grow just like a natural tooth would, hence saving you from the problem of bone loss. So if bone loss has been your dental concern, dental implants is a solution for you by providing more bone density in the jaw.

3. Loss of functionality: 

The primary functions of our mouth and teeth are to appropriately communicate, chew properly and process the food. In cases where the mouth has sustained serious injuries, because of and when the mouth lacks sound teeth and gums, it’s very hard to viably talk and bite food. Since the loss of functioning is an immediate after effect of injury, and absent or decayed teeth is another significant sign that you might require Dental Implants.

4. Severely damaged teeth: 

At the point when a tooth that is extremely damaged, restorative dental procedures may not work to rescue what is left of the tooth. In case a tooth is harmed to such an extent that it can’t be restored, the best alternative can be tooth extraction alongside the dental implant to replace the issue tooth which will help in re-establishing your smile. So rather than facing severe pain, getting a dental implant after the tooth extraction reduces any further dental issues, and enables patient to chew and bite properly.

5. Unsatisfied with bridges or dentures: 

Dentures require significant support and cleaning, making them a bother for some individuals. Dental bridges are not bonded to the gums, decreasing their fit and support. Hence, Dental Implants are a significant option to switch from the dentures or bridges. In contrast to dentures and bridges, Dental Implants don’t slip or should be held set up by over and again and also forestall bone loss instead of possibly causing it.

So if any of the above signs you are experiencing, get the dental implant treatment at Dr Sanjog Chandak Dental Clinic, Dhantoli where the team of experienced dentists can accurately suggest the best treatment for you and provide you a long-lasting smile that you have always dreams of.