Obesity is the Biggest Killer in the world today,Obesity is killing more patients than any other disease today and the world is loosing the battle with this self picked disease.The secret to weight loss is to loose more calories than you consume.It seems very easy but hard to do so.One must learn to calculate and manage his calorie counts and maintain the balance everyday.

Manage your daily Calorie consumption.

The Calories consumed can be calculated by taking a note of what you eat.Remember is average calorie content of the food you eat and mentally calculate the calories.If it exceeds your daily calories consumption limit ,then do not eat further.

Burn those Calories.

Burning those extra calories is very crucial in maintaining weight.You can choose Exercise,Jogging,Swimming,Aerobics, Pilates to burn the calories and stay fit.If you do not exercise and consume about 1600-2000 calories per day its not gonna work.Add exercise or other physical activity to your  1600 calorie diet, you will start to see the results.

What To eat.

Choosing the healthy food items to eat is equally important as we are spoiled for choices in the food market.Starvation is not the right way to loose weight instead you should Try to eat the right type of diet.

Eat plenty of thin soup, green vegetable salads(Cauliflower,cabbage,lettuce,cucumber,sprouts).Drink plenty of water.Take light snacks in between.

What not to eat.

  • Avoid butter ,cheese,cream.
  • Avoid using excess oil,deep fried items.
  • Avoid Potatoes,Yam and fried Rice.
  • Avoid Super sweet fruits like mangoes,Chickoos,Grapes in Abundance.

Develop healthy lifestyle.

  • Do not eat two large meals a day.It leads to overeating due to hunger.Eat a good breakfast,light lunch and dinner.
  • Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly.
  • Do not finish the leftovers.
  • Use non stick cookware to reduce the oil absorption.
  • Stay active , do not live a sedentary life style.