Here are 5 ways in which you can boost your immunity:

1) To boost your immunity your body must have fewer toxins that will make possible with ayurvedic bio purification therapy called panchakarma which is best ever treatment to clean and detoxify.

detox therapy -virechan

2) Regular exercise, walk, Surya Namaskar and practising yoga - pranayama minimum 45 minutes a day 

3) FOOD LIFESTYLE: try to get freshly cooked food, fruits, fruit vegetables, milk, cow ghee and other nutrition reach natural food. AVOID oily and spicy food, bakery items, Chinese, packed food or juices etc.

4) Calm sleep is the most important key to a healthy life. sleep provide natural healing for wear & tear that happened in day work & also promotes metabolism and immunity.

5) Fresh mind and happy soul:- you must avoid things that you won't change and find happiness in favourite music and activities that make you amused.              

If you have any issue related your health like hyperacidity, bloating, headache, the discomfort of any kind, you must consult with a doctor.

Dr. Neeraj Gujarathi

Shri Sai Ayurved Panchakarma clinic ,

govind nagar , Nashik