Working out in the gym can get repetitive and boring- getting your cardio in, finishing your sets. So, why not play a sport, have fun with friends while you're at it, and lose weight and gain muscle! We've got a list of sports for you, that are incredible workouts and can help you lose the flab.

Soccer/Football: One of the most common sports around the world, it is a phenomenal workout. During the course of a football game, you are running a significant distance, you're sprinting, slowing down, tackling, stopping, jumping and maybe even falling. All these movements give your body a really strenuous workout. Wonder why you've never seen a fat soccer player?

Basketball: Let the smaller court not fool you about what a workout this sport is. Its not just the movements of soccer, it also involves lots of jumping that gives you power and helps grow muscle and reduce flab. Throwing the ball around gives your arms and upper body a really good workout. Have you seen those muscular arms on basketball players?

Squash & Badminton: Both these racquet sports involve agile movement of your whole body, for the length of the game. And that can really help you burn the calories.

Swimming: Not really a sport, but since we talk so much about running, we should tell you about the wonders of swimming. Its a great calorie burning exercise, and its no impact. So, you can safely call it among the best cardio workouts.

Besides, all these sports, there are few others that are not so common but are really effective calorie burning workouts and help build muscle-

Ultimate Frisbee: Full body workout and incredibly active. Skiing: Seems easy, but is a total body workout and burns calories like no other. Boxing: Can get you in the best shape of your life!

So, what's your sport?