Heart attack or Angina pain could be neglected or missed if proper attention is not given to it. Half of the Heart Attacks go unnoticed every year because the signs and symptoms of heart attack are so similar to other mild problems that occasionally people do not take it seriously.People self-medicate with Painkiller,not knowing it is a Heart attack which proves fatal in the end.


The typical textbook sign of a heart attack - left sided chest pain, radiating to arms and jaws-  are absent in half of the patients.

Sometimes the heart attack is diagnosed by sheer luck as the patient comes to a doctor to seek help for some other ailment and regular checkups and E.C.G shows heart-related changes.

Here are some feature one should suspect Heart attack when these are present:

  1. Well let's get this straight,majority of the patient does not feel left side chest pain,it may not be sharp but mild with a sense of constriction  and heaviness.There might be profuse sweating,nausea,restlessness.
  2. Some patients might get pain in the jaw, so they seek the help of The Dentists.If a Jaw ache persists even after dental treatment one should suspect Angina.
  3. The cervical spondylitis can also mimic the Angina pain as it radiates to the arm.
  4. People suffering from Diabetes might suffer from Silent Heart Attacks,which do not cause any pain so if a Diabetic experiences even mild Chest Pain or heaviness,weakness,sudden sweating,or breathlessness one should suspect Heart Attack.
  5. People of Mid ages ,if suddenly experience breathlessness and heaviness in the chest,every suspicion of heart Attack should be raised.

Note: One should make every attempt to prevent the heart attack as prevention is better than cure. A healthy lifestyle, stress management, clean eating or balanced diet and living, regular exercise, Smoking Cessation are the key factors in the prevention of the Heart Attack and Other Several Diseases.