For centuries, Indian women have had long, thick and lustrous hair. But over the past few decades, both men and women have reported thinning of hair and subsequently losing of hair. In the below video, I have explained the 5 'S' approach to tackle hair loss. The 5 'S' approach addresses the following: 

1. Reduce Stress - Managing stress is very important to control hair loss problems. Exercise or do yoga regularly, take breaks throughout the day, spend time with family while on a vacation, or practice mindfulness to handle, manage, and reduce stress.

2. Eat Supplements - Vitamin and iron supplements to strengthen, stimulate, and nourish your hair.

3. Apply Stimulators - Various oils and drugs have been found to be effective in stimulating hair growth and treating hair loss

If the above three factors are not working for you, then we move on to the following:

4. Try Self factors like PRP Therapy - At this stage, doctors recommend Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person's blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp to help with hair growth.

5. Go for Surgery - In cases of extreme baldness, going for surgery could be the best option. Principal methods of hair transplant like Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) are recommended.