Don't go on a crash diet!

Who does not want easy weight loss ?Most of us do!! and that is the reason crash diets come as a convenient option.Crash diets have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years and hence most of us go ahead and try it in order to lose the excess weight.While the idea of going on a crash diet might look really tempting the truth is far more disastrous.Though these diets provide a quick weight loss solution in a short span of time they are often misleading and rarely give you realistic,sustainable and long term results.


1. It crashes your metabolism

Yes you heard it right!Crash dieting means starvation in short.When you starve yourself the body slows down its metabolism because it needs energy to sustain.Hence when you drastically cut down the number of calories you have been eating for so long the body starts storing excess fat rather than burning it.So ultimately you would gain weight instead of losing it,in fact only you would be responsible for sabotaging the weight loss process. 

2. It leads to drop in blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia)

To sum it all insulin,carbohydrates and fat storage are interconnected.Carbohydrate consumption leads to insulin production and insulin promotes the storage of fats.So basically if you starve yourself for long there can a be a drastic drop in the blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia )leading to hunger pangs which would eventually lead to carbohydrate binging. Too much of simple carbohydrate consumption can lead to fat storage in the body.

3. It leads to loss of water and protein

The weight loss you see on the scale is not necessarily fat loss.While you are on crash diets  you tend to lose more of body water and proteins in fact these are the first nutrients which your body tries to get rid off.Excess of water and protein loss can lead to dehydration,weakness,lethargy and irritability.This kind of weight loss can turn into weight gain very soon once you are back to the normal schedule.

4. It is low on essential fats and nutrients

Your body requires essential fats ,vitamins and minerals to function properly.Crash diets are devoid of these as you are starving and not eating enough of nutritious meals.Essential fats are necessary for keeping your metabolism going and aid in speeding up the same.So eventually once you are off these diets you shall end up eating more fat because you had cut out all kinds of fats good or bad from the diet to lose weight.

5. It leads to too much of weight loss too quickly

All of us know that losing excess weight in a short span of time is never healthy.Crash diets bring along loads of side-effects  some of those being weakened immune system,palpitations cardiac issues,lowered blood pressure,sodium depletion .So ultimately with excess of weight loss you would start looking dull, losing hair ,feeling tired ,suffer from a health issue or in severe cases it can also result in death.

So be sensible and go on a sustainable and realistic weight loss program!

In the end be sensible and have patience to lose the excess body weight that has piled up over the last few years.Stick to a diet which is personalized and provides you with adequate nutrition while keeping in mind the medical issues you are suffering from.Don't be lured if someone suggests a crash diet and boasts about the fantastic results they have experienced.If you have to lose weight then maintain a proper balance between a good healthy diet and exercise.The weight loss process might take some time but the results are going to be worth the wait!!

Stay healthy,nourished and fit :)