That much essential and the one superfood for your skin, hair, and health is RED Grapes. Not just the main ingredient for preparing red-wine, this exotic fruit is available in more than 200 varieties across the globe. And whichever variety you get hold of, make sure, it takes on your kitchen shelf for good and for long. For the ones who believe the myth that grapes are a weight-watcher’s antagonist, re-check your beliefs because the facts I am going to share will surely sweep you off your feet:

  • Packed with much fewer calories than green grapes, they are a powerhouse of ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMIN A, C, B6, POTTASIUM, CALCIUM, IRON, PHOSPHORUS, FOLATE, MAGNESIUM and SELENIUM. 
  • They are your natural source of anti-aging nutrients- antioxidants. FIFTY times more powerful that Vitamin E and almost TWENTY times more powerful than VITAMIN C, these grapes have numerous anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • Red grapes aid in flushing out uric acid from your body, improve your eyesight and help treat many allergies. 
  • And now the best ever and most awaited news! Red grapes are the richest source of saponins, found in its outer skin. It accumulates cholesterol and stops it from being absorbed in the blood. 
  • And a 100 gms serving yields only 69 Kcal!