Stressful Life With Little Or No Exercise

This is one of the most common reason for the lower back pain. The work pressure and the stress do not allow people to exercise on the daily basis. The body is not able to relax and the few moments that one spares from the work, the relaxation either occurs on the chair or in the car.

Poor Alignment Or Posture Of The Body

Sometimes people force their body into unnatural and difficult posture which makes it difficult for the body to move naturally. When the body is not in natural posture or curvature, it puts a lot of strain on the muscles and ultimately it leads to lower back pain.

The ligaments get weakened due to this. When the vertebrae carry weight of the body which they are not supposed to carry, it leads to the weakening as well as degeneration of the muscles of the spine. It is necessary to provide proper back support to the spine. 

Overexertion Of The Body

While sitting in position for a very long time or moving heavy furniture, the back signals that it is not advisable to do it. The signals can be in the form of the spasm or twinge. Ignoring these signals and continuing the work for long time may lead to back problems such as squeezing of the disc.

Wear And Tear Of The Spine Muscle

Every boy organ under goes natural aging process and so is spine but the poor or improper alignment of the body can cause the wear and tear of the spine muscles and this increase the rate of ageing of the spine muscles. Other factors adding to this include the arthritis, osteoporosis and joint damage.

Emotional Stress And Muscular Tension

Stress is a factor that leads to contraction of muscles. Chronic stress can lead to stoppage of blood and oxygen circulation in the muscle which can lead to muscle atrophy.