In this article, you shall find a number of instances there will be a need for therapy and will most likely benefit from it:

1) Therapy for when you feel like no one can understand you: Do you feel empty or like you are suffering alone, or like no one else feels the way you do? Whether you are feeling unaccepted, or just a little different, don't suffer in silence. Make an appointment, talk it through and you may find a way to celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. 

2) Therapy for when you are feeling not quite yourself: Feeling like something has changed? Not sure what it is and why? Not sure what to do about it? A therapy session can always help you see things from a new perspective, understand it better and give you the clarity you are looking for.

3) Therapy for when others in your life who need therapy, won't go to therapy: Burnt out while dealing with everything that is going on? May be it's not you, but you still need to take care of yourself and your own mental health right! 

4) Therapy for when you want to tell your past, that this is the last stop: Saturated? Can't do it anymore? If you feel like you are finding it hard to cope, or deal with situations in your life. The thing I always repeat is- Earlier the better! Since, it is much easier to deal with problems at their minimal and avoid them from escalating, rather than when they have completely immersed you!

5) Therapy for when everything is going great, and you want to make sure it keeps getting better: Most people see counselling and therapy as a last resort. When there is a problem that needs to be intervened with. Here's a surprise, Counselling and therapy can be so beneficial even for personal growth. So, if you are living your best life and just want to thrive!

Therapy:  for anything, anytime, anywhere! No problem or concern is too small for therapy. Therapists will never pass any judgement for anything you say/ do/ feel or bring up in therapy. It is confidential, and geared toward assisting you to help your self in the way you need!