1. Keep yourself hydrated 

First thing first- “Drink lots of water.” Yes, we know we lose a lot of water through sweating in summers. With the loss of water, we also lose a great amount of skin moisture, so it’s important to regularly replenish our body water by it drinking a lot of water. Take at least 10-12 glass of water daily and if you are an outdoor person then it should be more according to your physical workout.

2. Avoid soft drinks/flavored drinks/aerated drinks

Yes, its definitely look tempting, advertisements showing a chilled bottle of a cold drink on a really hot day, avoid the temptation, ya, it does more harm than good. These drinks contain a high level of sugar which is bad for the body as well as the skin instead you can take fruit juices, lime water, aam-Panna or coconut water are all healthier and rehydrate your skin in a better way.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps in removing your dead skin and improves blood circulation to your face. You can use a good exfoliating face pack which suits you. In fact, there are many medical facials and mask available which are regularly done by dermatologists. 

4. Use Water-Based Moisturizers

Regular moisturizers can be too oily and sticky and can make you uncomfortable. But this problem should not prohibit you from applying a good non- sticky water-based moisturizer which will keep your skin hydrated and glowing. So you can definitely take all the benefits of a regular moisturizer minus the excess oiliness, you just need to be aware! 

5. Use a good sunscreen and sun protection. 

Avoid going out in the burning sun. Try to make your outside visit mostly in the evening. Keep an umbrella with you and wear good dark shades before stepping outside if it is a necessary job to do. Use good non-sticky, matte finish sunscreen of SPF-30 or above at least 2-3 times daily during daytime especially if you are going out routinely. By embracing these 5 skincare habits you needn’t be afraid of the summer sun anymore. In fact, you can thoroughly enjoy it.