Did you know that a two-thirds population of the world is threatened by the chronic illness of diabetes? However, there's no need to panic as it can be managed with the right kind of diet and lifestyle. How? Let's get to know this better.

  1. Go For Whole Grains: While conceptualizing your diet plan, you must choose whole grains over refined flours and polished grains. Be it your bread, or your rice, always choose the one that has more fiber content as they help the body process the carbohydrates better.

  2. Don't Wait For Your Weight To Take Over: Obesity is considered to be the best friend of Diabetes. Hence, we strongly suggest you go for regular workouts and keep yourself physically fit to avoid Diabetes from taking over. In fact, your diet plan must comply with your fitness goals and should match BMI goals.

  3. Avoid Tobacco At All Costs: You must avoid tobacco, cigarettes, and alcohol at all costs as it tends to damage your insulin and liver in the long run.

  4. Aloe Vera and Neem Are Your BFF: Both Aloe Vera and Neem are known to help the body assimilate the blood glucose and control it from reaching abnormal levels. You must use them in your daily diet plan in the form of juices or extracts to help your body better.

  5. Your Ayurveda Companion For Diabetes: In case, you're likely to face any health condition that comes close to Diabetes, it is essential that you must consult an Ayurvedic physician for the best results.