Lifestyle Modifications are as important as 5 fingers of hand, all fingers are equally important to make it work like a Single Unit.

5 Tips will help cope other diseases like:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Loss of Memory
  • Other Negative feelings.

3 types of DM are:

  • Juvenile variety being Insulin dependent shows up early through some associated symptoms.
  • Gestational Diabetes is related to Pregnancy and is detected through Routine Blood Tests carried out on all pregnant women.
  • Most Difficult for an individual to be aware of is Maturity Onset Type 2 Diabetes, easy to control with Oral medicines+ Diet. It rarely needs insulin if proper care is taken about diet.

Type 2 Diabetes like other types can affect heart, kidneys, eyes and other organs without the suffering person being aware of the hidden illness.

It can be detected during a routine check-up, a community medical camp, being tested before a job, or through some wounds which do not heal despite every care being taken for wound healing.

5 Tips to remember to Prevent or to Reverse Type 2 Maturity Onset DM:

1) Do Not be Obsessed with blood sugar levels: Do not test daily, just because you have a machine+ strips to check at Home. Occasional Visit to a reputed lab is worth the effort because the report will be authenticated by a Pathologist. Too Frequent Checking at Home does make a person Obsessional about an illness. How many times does one go to the doctor after getting spectacles to correct vision? Diabetes can be corrected, controlled and maybe Reversed by Weight reduction and Modification of Lifestyle.

2) Exercise according to the constitution, job profile and levels of outside Pollution: Give up smoking. Low Levels of Oxygen do lead to lung disease along with a tendency to get a heart attack or a Stroke. Do Not Compare Notes with others about hours spent doing exercise. A simple Gym within the home is worth its investment in areas prone to high levels of pollution.

3) Eat Seasonal, Regional and lots of fruits and vegetables: Do Not Fear the sugar present in fruits as this simple fructose needs less Insulin and offers the benefits of Fiber+ Minerals+ Vitamins+Bulk.

4) Fresh Lemon Juice with half a spoon of honey + warm water, if taken on empty stomach in mornings does bring down levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and helps to bring down weight.

5) Our kitchen has lots to offer: Seeds of Fenugreek, soaked, softened and ground to be assimilated better. Seeds of Ajwain + Jeera, a spoon each soaked overnight in a glass of water. Boil it next morning on low fire. Drink it warm, on an empty stomach without seeds. Neem, Karela, Lauki Juice and the list is long about every variety of Bitter Guard vegetable etc. 

Reducing weight does lead to Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, according to a Report Published in Lancet.