As the summers are around the corner, the need for a coolant increases. We concentrate more on drinking than eating. Detox water can be a good choice here. The benefits of detoxification are plentiful especially for dieters.  Even while trying to lose weight, the requirement for nutrients, vitamins and mineral remain the same which can be taken care of by consuming Detox water to a large extent. 

We all know the positive impact it has on the skin, hair and weight, but what we miss is the role it plays on freshening up our internal system. 

  1. Bad breath- A common reason for bad breath is the bacteria & toxins accumulated in the colon. In the initial days you might feel it worsen but just in a couple of days positive results are seen.  Detox water helps the colon to get rid of the toxins, wastes and free radicals and in turn help you get rid of these toxins and in turn bad breath. 
  2. Cleanses the liver- One of the basic functions of the liver is to clean the system. It sometimes gets overburdened doing this and more so in people who have an unhealthy lifestyle.Consumption of liquor, fatty foods all overburden the liver and detox water gives the much needed break to the liver as it cleanses the liver of toxins and increases the production of bile making the digestive system more efficient.
  3. Revitalizes the kidney- Detox water is a natural diuretic which makes you urinate more frequently. This results in the body getting rid of the toxins making the kidney cleanse itself. One becomes less prone to urinary tract infections and other diseases by consuming detox water.
  4. Improves digestion- Lemon infused detox water helps the system to increase the in production of digestive juices. This makes it lot easier for the stomach to function smoothly. It has very positive effect on the people suffering with inflammatory bowel, acidity, etc.
  5. Boosts immunity- As the detox water helps in getting rid of toxins, wastes and free radicals, it improves the immunity as the body responses better in event that bacteria or virus may attack. Also because an added dose of vitamin C reaches the body, it improves the immunity.

Water has a soothing effect on the body but nothing could be better than Detox water. It makes one feel good and fresh all day. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the whole body making it more responsive to whatever we eat or drink and also makes you feel light.