With pleasant rainfall comes  a great relief from scorching heat. The moisture & warmth in environment help microbes to multiply in general. We have a microbiological environment upon our body . They are  the natural inhabitants of our system mostly exists in symbiosis maintaining many vital functions of our body ,which are largely unexplored. The colony of microbes depends on our internal health. A healthy immune response from within will defend bad bacterial invasion , hence prevent infection. For a healthy body take care of the following points.

1. Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated: Water improves detoxification process through urination, perspiration, excretion and eases the function of blood circulation enhancing immunity.

2. Eat homemade freshly cooked foods with good nutrient value: All seasonal fruits and vegetables along with fresh curd &  buttermilk are a great immune enhancer.

3. Physical activity improves circulation of blood: Besides it reduces stress, enhances optimism. Positive interactions with season change impacts overall health. Yoga and indoor games are good choices for monsoon season.

4. Maintain general hygiene: Washing hands before meals is important for disease prevention.Daily bath to wash off sweat and contaminants on the skin is essential.

5. Relaxation of mind is also contributory to positive health: This is basically achieved by engaging in activities like pursuance of hobbies, meditation, socialisation.  These principles will enhance the immune system to wade of seasonal maladies to a major extent.