At the time when Junk Food  has taken the front seat in the lives of all, improve your daily nutrition with a handful of Nuts. Yes, you read it right, Nuts!

Nuts are super nutritious. They are rich in Proteins, Fibre and many vital Minerals and Vitamins, hence they contribute to a healthy diet.

Once shunned for it's high fat content, nuts now enjoy a place on the Beneficial food list.

Some benefits are listed below


Nuts are high in fat but most of it is not saturated fat. They are high in mono unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some of them are also high in omega fatty acids. they in fact can help prevent Cardiovascular Diseases. (Heart problems)


Nuts have very low glycemic index, so can be included in diet of people who are insulin resistant and/ diabetic.


Even you all can indulge in some nutty handful as they contain hunger curbing proteins to keep craving away. Yes, they are energy dense but can actually help in losing weight. Just eat them in right amount at the right time.


The folic acid and proteins in nuts make it essential to incorporate them in the diet during pregnancy. These nutrients prevent neural tube defects. They also contain minerals such as zinc, selenium and copper which are essential for proper development of fetus.


Often zinc, biotin and folic acid supplements are prescribed during the treatment of rough, damaged hair or grey hair. Also  for skin problems such as  dry, scaly and rough skin. Grab some nuts like almonds, pistachio, walnuts, pine nuts and peanuts, You might not need the supplements...

So get cracking; share the goodness and enjoy the tasty, crunchy, rewarding handful today.

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