5 foods that burn more calories than you consume

It might seem like a strange concept; however there are some foods out there that actually burn more calories than they give us! We need calories to survive and function, however it is nice to know we can enjoy some foods without worrying too much about burning off the calories we are consuming!

Celery - Celery is a diverse vegetable and a delicious snack. Being made up of nearly 75% water and the rest fiber and roughage, this green treat actually requires more energy to chew (assuming you chew your food properly!) that it contains! So by chomping down on a few celery sticks to satisfy your hunger pangs, you are actually burning off fat!

Leafy Greens - Green leafy vegetables, such as rocket, baby spinach and kale, are all roughly 50% water and 50% fibre. This means that they are both low in calories and will help give your body energy and help you feel full.

Grapefruit - Grapefruit is another amazing food that is both has a high water content and contains a good dose of fiber. Grapefruit will also stimulate your metabolism giving your body a healthy energy boost and helping you burn off those energy stores!

Chilli peppers - These spicy little peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, that actually speeds up your metabolism which means they both give you more energy and help you burn calories quicker! They are also extremely high in vitamin C, as well as vitamin B6 and vitamin A!

Cucumbers - These refreshing vegetables contain mostly water, yet are a surprisingly good source of vitamin C, K, A and magnesium and manganese. Their crunchy nature, coupled with their low calorie content (approximately 16 calories per 100 gm) means that you are burning off the calories they contain whilst you are crunching down on them!