Husband"s Semen of good quality with enough B12 levels.

               For  this one has to visit pathology laboratory after minimum of 3 days abstinence and give semen for quality                    analysis.Also give blood for Vitamin B12 level.  


      Healthy Uterus with good Endometrium 

     Patent Tubes.

    Good Ova.

                  All three factors requires examination by good gynecologist,  followed by ultrasound and ovulation study and finally for tubal patance  either going to radiologiest for HystroSalpingo graphy, or Lapro-hystroscopy by your Doctor.

Philosofy of give and take-----Prayer to forgive, and to ask forgiveness.

All above factors have 20% weight each, first 4 factors can be corrected by money, last do not require 

money, but without fulfilling last factor, all four are of no use.