1. Eat Healthy

It is of paramount importance to eat optimally during winters. Proper food habits and taking citrus foods boost immunity during winters. Body needs to stay at an optimal temperature to metabolize and work adequately. The appetite usually goes up as and when food is metabolized, it generates heat.

2. Adequate Hydration

Due to the cold and chilly weather, body loses out a lot of fluids. Also, one tends to drink less water during winters as one feels less thirsty. Cells in our body needs to stay hydrated in order to work. When dehydration sets in these cells along with immune system slows down. Hence, the body is more prone to infections.

3. Exercising

The body metabolism usually slows down during winter time. Hence, one is more prone to put on weight. One needs to get involved in aerobic exercises to keep up the metabolism and excrete the waste products out of the system. This also keep the mind energised.


4. Antioxidants and Vitamins

Consumption of vitamins and antioxidant supplements may help to boost the immunity during mundane winter season.


5. Keep your room adequately ventilated and fresh

If the room is kept closed, the heaters tend to reduce the moisture content and also the room becomes stale.