During this pandemic, everyone wants to boost up immunity. Here are 5 simple and effective tips to maintain good immunity.

1. Nutrition- Homemade fresh food is always the best. Avoid getting cooked food delivery from outside. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, soybeans, lentils, dry fruit in your diet. One serving of fresh fruit and some milk product is a must.

2. Sleep- Good sleep is a pillar for good immunity. Only during deep sleep, our body makes those Natural Killer (NK) cells which can fight with microbes. The importance of good sleep is often overlooked in modern city life. Timely sleep and adequate sleep are the most important for physical and mental well being.

3. Activity- Lockdown and work from home culture have changed the life of many. We are more sedentary than ever before. Hence this is now much more important to do some workout at home or have a thirty minutes brisk walk in the corridor. Try to get some direct sunlight exposure daily.

4. Precautions- Wash all your exposed body parts and clothes with soap immediately after coming home. Never go out without a mask. Use sanitizers with 70 % alcohol frequently. Restrict going out as far as possible. COVID symptoms include fever, dry cough, breathing difficulty, loose stool, loss of smell, or loss of taste. If you get any of these, get your self tested in a nearby medical facility. 

5. Mental Health- Do not neglect this part. Be updated about the current situation and medical advances about COVID 19. But do not get obsessed with too much information. Enjoy your spare time with your family. Reduce screen time. Go back to your childhood hobbies when there was no smartphone! Reading, drawing, gardening, music can definitely instill blissfulness in your life. Stress is bad for your immunity.