Dieting does not work alone one has to do some or the other physical exercise to get better and faster results. Eating less is not dieting but eating everything in a healthy manner is dieting.One should set goals which are realistic and achievable. Shedding weight a is a slow and steady process which does not occur over a night.

There are five easy to follow principles which are the most reliable and effective ways for you to become slim and stay slim and will also keep you healthy.

  1.  TAKE YOUR TIME TO CHEW AND TASTE YOUR FOOD PROPERLY:  Most people when they are eating are gulping food and they are miss out  the full satisfaction from their food. Eating slow and chewing food properly also help in the proper absorption of nutrients and digestion of food.This one principle helps all the others to work more easily.Avoid distractions such as TV and radio,cell phones. Drink soup and beverages(like green tea, jasmine tea, coconut water, lemon water etc.) slowly. Not to forget they are food too... If they are flavored, they are meant to be enjoyed..If you are thirsty and want to gulp something down, go for water...
  2. AVOID JUNK FOOD: French fries, burgers,chips, pizzas,etc are the hot favorite amongst the current generation. They provide you only with plenty of calories which will automatically lead to weight gain. one of the main reason of obesity and child obesity is junk food intake. Apart from these elements unhealthy cooking conditions, inadequate quality check,all add to the hazardous nature of fast food or junk food.
  3. INCLUDE FOODS THAT ARE FILLING: Include foods that are filling like fiber, proteins. High quality protein in the diet keeps away from hair problems moreover protein gives us a feeling of satiety which keeps us full for longer hours.
  4. STOP EATING ONCE YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH: If you eat slowly enough and taste your food, you will feel satisfied with far less food than before. If someone feels ‘Full’ it means their stomach has been over filled or they have overeaten. Remember: Take your time and taste your food..
  5. GO FOR MODERATE EXERCISE : To achieve significant weight loss one should start doing some exercise program. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you live a healthy life.

Consult an experienced dietitian. Enjoy journey to health..!!