5 easy signs that tell you she wants to have sex with you, NOW!

If a man learns to understand these hints, he won't need to complain about his woman not initiating sex anymore, because he has all the info he needs

One would think that when a couple has been together for a while, they will be attune to each other's feelings and mood. This is not always the case as most guys still report that they are not usually clear about when their partners want sex.

Women are less likely than men to out rightly initiate sex with their partners, but to compensate, they are very well versed in the art of giving subtle hints. If a man learns to understand these hints, he won't need to complain about his woman not initiating sex anymore, because he has all the info he needs.

Here are five major signs she is turned on and wants sex

She dresses in something special

If your woman, at home, is normally dressed in casual outfit and you suddenly come home one day to see her dressed really nice, it might be a sign. It does not have to mean she goes all out and dresses in lingerie (although she could), but if you notice something subtle like she lets her hair out, wears a nice simple dress instead of her usual pajamas, have a little bit of make up on, or even spray some perfume, it is usually her way of getting your attention, and this is also her way of asking you to show her some loving. You might ask her what brought about this change, and she might shrug it off because she does want to seem to crass, asking for sex straight up. Do not just ignore this. Make a move.

She touches you, intimately

She might not jump your bones every time she is horny, but women are usually a little touchy-freely in a not-so-obvious way when they feel aroused. She might touch you more often than normal. She might even be more daring by reaching and stroking you in your inner thighs, neck and so on

She does something nice

In a relationship, it is not every day that your partner will be in the mood to do all of your favourite things, so pay attention when she does. You can come home to find that she made your favourite food, bought your favourite brand of wine, have a warm bath waiting, etc. If this is not something she does all the time, this is probably her way of telling you she needs some 'special' attention tonight.

She reminds you how long it's been

A dead giveaway that she is thinking about sex is when she casually mentioned, at any point during a conversation, how long it's been since you had sex. Women do not normally bring up something like this just for fun. It is a way of stirring the conversation to what she really needs from you.

Her hips

Okay, you have to be really observant to notice this, but when a woman is in the mood for sex, there is an added sway to her hips. Men usually miss this because they are so used to their partners that they do not even notice them anymore. But the oldest and most popular way women get the attention of men is in the sway of the hips. This almost always draws the attention of men. Sometimes, she might not even know she is doing it, but her body will naturally move sensually when she is horny. So whenever you notice your woman walking back and forth in your view and her hips and ass are swinging right, do not scold her for blocking the TV, grab her and give her the hot sex she craves.