Do you know that fresh Lemon juice is a natural bleach which does not lead to Sun sensitization unlike the brands available in the market as bleaching cremes/ fairness creams?

Even Google is loaded with ads about skin care creams, centres to remove wrinkles, to give us an ever youthful skin.

How can it be possible?

Ageing is a process to be accepted with grace. One should not age before time due to stress and due to overwork. One should retain youth and never let the baby inside him die.

We are ruled over by media and advertisements, promising us the Moon which is not possible.

Few basics about Skincare tips to be followed by people of all age groups:

1. Clean with a foamy soap: Avoid creamy soaps or keep them aside for winters. Our country has temperatures of 30 degrees plus for 10 months a year. We need rough and tough soaps to clean the sweat, grime and dust.

2. Use a toner which has some spirit in it: Read carefully about constituents of toners available in the market. Go for a pure spirit and add few drops of oily perfume like rose/ jasmine/ lavender etc. These tiny packs are available as Aromatherapy bottles having little-flavoured oils to be mixed with water while inhaling the steam.

3. Why not inhale steam as well: Steam cleanses the Skin, hydrates the lungs and helps fight pollution within our bodies, collected at bases of lungs, making it easier to spit out inhaled pollutants. While inhaling steam, we:

  • Get Aromatherapy
  • Water the dry lungs like our dry plants
  • Clean every pore of skin on the face

4. Apply toner again but this time spread a Moisturizer:  Apply toner again but this time spread a moisturizer also, rub it well into every pore of skin till moisturizer dries and becomes one with the skin, leaving no oil look to be preserved for the entire day. How to Identify and get good moisturizer?

  • Moisturizer should be thin, with minimal oil and should merge with skin
  • Do not go for any product because it protects you from Sun but has lots of oil in it
  • Remember that oil attracts Sun, light and heat, making the skin blotchy instead of lovely and natural

5.  Apply a thin layer of Powder cum cream (for women only): Spread it well all over the face including the neck. You can now apply Kohl, Lipstick etc. If using contact lenses, be careful about not using steam while lenses are on the eyes or wear lenses just after bath /steam.

  • Glycerine + lemon juice + oats mixed in equal amounts is one of the best masks. 
  • It is cost effective and can be made at home within a minute.
  • Apply all over the face and let it stay for an hour. Wash it with ordinary soap.
  • Some people do vouch for benefits of Aloe Vera Juice to be taken orally or to be applied fresh from the leaves.
  • I have not heard of any side effects of applying cucumbers on the eyes for its cooling effects or Aloe Vera juice on the skin.
  • Poor villagers who cannot afford doctors, apply Aloe Vera on tiny cuts and wounds which they get while working in the fields and these folks vouch for the benefits of Aloe Vera plants.
  • Since no studies on this have been done yet, We have to believe them.

Note: Steps 1-4 should be repeated at end of the day.