Stammering can be a troubling problem as you try to communicate with people and may lead to uncomfortable and awkward pauses that may not be intended. To optimize the problem, we are here with 5 daily life activities that are easier than they sound. Read on:

  1. Use Straw To Drink Liquids: We recommend you use straws while drinking any liquids helps your tongue remain flexible and thus, contribute to churning out words from your mouth faster than your previous experiences. Use a reusable straw made out of steel or bamboo to help the environment as well as your stammer.
  2. Stress on Vowel Pronunciation: Stressing on vowels can help you with getting the pronunciations spot-on as the majority of the words is based on the vowels only. The more you stress on vowels, the better the fluency and clarity get for your speech.
  3. Pause and Practice: Get comfortable with pauses and calculate the same for your speech to improve your fluency. Approach the words with a calculated pause and practice your speech prior to any event to improve upon the pause timings.
  4. Join Speech Therapy and Replicate At Home: Speech therapy, contrary to popular beliefs, is a wonderful way to work on your stammer. Replicating the same at your own pace at home can help you gain your speech momentum faster.
  5. Jaw Supporting Exercises: A lot of exercises including face yoga and jaw supporting exercise improve jaw flexibility and brain-tongue coordination. Training under a face yoga specialist can definitely help you improve on your stammering problem.