In the high paced lifestyle where either you're moving way too fast or sitting all day long on your desk to achieve some of the other tasks, your knees are bound to fall weak and short of your pace if nothing else. As your Ayurveda companion, here we are with a heap-full of suggestions backed by the Ayurveda that can help you strengthen your knees naturally.

  1. Take Your Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements Right: Your knees and bones love nothing else but a healthy amount of Vit. D and Calcium. Of course, it comes with the utmost care of your joints and must be sourced only from natural dietary sources. For Vit. D, we recommend you to bask in the winter sun daily to strengthen your bones. You can also get your calcium supplements in the right amount with natural sources like spinach and bathua. Let's talk about the diet in the next segment.

  2. Exercises That Can Help Your Knee: Yoga postures often help in relieving the stiff knee joints and must be practiced regularly to keep your joints oiled. It's highly recommended for you to practice regular lunges along with postures like Garudasana, Utkatasana, Tadasana, and Trikonasana. All of these postures help in keeping your joints healthy.

  3. Dietary Elements For Your Joints’ Health: To help your knees with a balanced diet, we encourage you to eat a lot of teen and leafy vegetables as those contain a lot of biofortified nutritional elements for the body. For calcium, you can go ahead with additional elements like tomato, kale, okra, dairy elements, and loads of soya-based curries. The rich calcium present in them helps your joint sustain the daily wear and tear.

  4. Ayurvedic Formulations That Can Aid Your Knees: Ayurveda has always got your back and knees in this case. We recommend you to go for Ayurvedic formulations like Nirgundi Oil and Sandhivati.