When eyes are exposed to monumental stress of irritants, dust, and glare, it is possible to invoke them with itchiness, strain, and pain as the exposure persists. It is important to practice a good eye care routine to avoid unforeseen problems with eyes. Here’s how you can do it and keep your eyes healthy and happy.

  1. Wash With A Splash Of Cold Water: Often, the itchiness is caused by long strain or exposure of eyes to irritants. It can be gotten rid of with a cold splash of water on the eyelids. In fact, it’s a great morning ritual to wash off your eyes with a splash of cold water right after you wake up as a part of your eye care routine.

  2. Soothe With A Slice of Cucumber: Cucumbers are known to relax the skin around the eyes and help it calm down in case of any irritation. In case of exposure to any irritants, it is recommended to lay down with a pause with two slices of cucumber.

  3. Use Cold Compress To Avoid Strain: Using a cold compress can be a good alternative for swollen eyes to itchiness and must be treated with care. In case it’s extremely discomforting, you can also use hot water wipes to cleanse your eyes. Soothing with both the extreme temperature laden cloth.

  4. White Onion Juice To Cleanse Your Eyes: According to Ayurveda, white onion juice is considered to be very healthy for the power of eyesight and is recommended to be used in the cleansing of the same. Use a couple of drops of white onion juice extracts as eye drops on a regular basis, and your eyes will be fit as ever.