A clean tongue is a sign of a healthy buccal (relating to the cheek and mouth) cavity which further leads to a healthy digestive system. This also ensures a healthy appearance and further enhances a fresh and bright day.

  1. Herbal Toothbrushes For A Fresh Breath: Natural toothbrushes made out of Babool, Neem, and Guava branches can help you stay fresh with a fresh breath. The remnants of the chewed herbal toothbrushes can also be used as a natural tongue scraper regularly. This also ensures that the gums remain healthy and strengthened with the natural extracts.

  2. Soft Brushing with Rock Salt: If you feel that your tongue is too white or thick, you can use rock salt as a mild abrasive to clean your tongue while brushing your teeth. You can also use aloe extracts to rinse your mouth later for a fresh breath.

  3. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol: Using tobacco and alcohol can stain your buccal cavity and might kill the healthy bacteria that may reside in it. Prolonged usage of tobacco can also damage the tissues of the tongue and make your teeth look dull.

  4. DIY Disinfecting Mouthwash: Prepare a natural mouthwash mixture using three simple ingredients from the kitchen. Strain a few scoops of aloe vera extracts along with a few leaves of mint. Put a glass of boiled water and strain it to store for further usage. Use the mouthwash twice a day for good oral health.