4 tips to beat that belly bulge!

So you have been away on holiday and maybe you have enjoyed a few extra glasses of wine with your dinner, or replaced your workouts with sun baking and been indulging in holiday cuisine. When you get back you notice your belly is a little more ‘bulgy’ than it was before you left and that you work pants don’t quite fit the same. Sound familiar?

Beating the belly bulge after a relaxing and indulgent holiday requires a little focus, dedication and good choices!

This is how I work to beat the bulge!

  1. Move it to lose it! - This is kind of a no-brainer. If you have been eating more and exercising less, then you have likely stored a little of that unused energy. If you are anything like me, then the most likely area of your body that will store that energy… is your belly! So don’t put it off, get straight back into your usual workout routine and maybe add a little extra cardio in there just to get the ball rolling! 
  2. Eat healthy, eat fresh! - It can be tempting to carry on with the holiday care free diet plan when you return, however if you want to beat the bulge then it is important that you do your health a favour and ditch the chips, cheeses and choc-chip ice cream for some healthy fresh foods that will not only help fuel your body with the right kind of energy, it will also have you feeling healthier internally too! 
  3. Flush it out! - Been drinking a little more alcohol over your holiday? Well cutting back on the plonk and amping up the water is a sure way to flush your system out, keep you hydrated, support your lymphatic system and help promote weight loss. 
  4. Boost your metabolism first thing! - You want your body burning more calories than it has been over your holiday, so you need to give your metabolism a boost. Try doing these simple things:- Get your heart rate up first thing each morning with a quick 10-20 minute jog or workout before breakfast.- Drink green tea, as this helps increase your body’s temperature and stimulates your metabolism. Plus it gives you a healthy caffeine boost to kick start your day!- Eat smaller meals, more often instead of overloading your system with 3 massive meals a day