A bad cough can be a definitive symptom of a weak respiratory and immune system. 

Owing to the multiple complications that come with a bad cough like sore throat, repeated cough and sneezing, and migraine, it is best to be dealt with at the earliest possible time to strengthen your immune system against it. 

Here are some tried and tested ways to help yourself in case of a severe dry cough:

1. Mulethi And Honey Tea For Throat Relief: The herbal properties of mulethi and honey can serve as a quick relief for sore throat and help warm up the throat during a bad cough phase. 

Boiling a quick cup of mulethi tea with honey can also contribute to the anti-inflammatory reaction of the body for a better recovery.

2. Tulsi And Ginger Concoction For Chronic Cough: Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties that are derived from its leaves. 

Both ginger and tulsi are powerful stimulants for oral and respiratory health. Boiling half an inch of ginger with a handful of tulsi leaves can make for an effective remedy for a chronic cough.

3. Sunth (a common Indian spice) That Takes Away Throat Irritation: Since ancient days, ayurveda recommends sunth for cold and cough owing to its effectiveness against sore throat and irritation. 

In case, you're suffering from chronic dry cough for many months, sunth can be your go-to remedy to get rid of chronic cough.

4. Turmeric Milk For Quick Recovery: An all-time favourite, easy-to-do home remedy for chronic cough is a glass of turmeric milk. Turmeric is known for its healing properties that can help fight infections. 

Using a teaspoon full of turmeric, a glass of cow milk, and jaggery powder, as per taste, you can prepare this recipe. Consume it hot for the best results.

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