Whether you are looking for maintaining weight, sharpening memory, looking for satiety, improving concentration or losing weight, choosing a healthy snack plays an important role in day to day life.

Let’s see how these easy to carry snacks, can be a healthy pill during your working hours:-

Roasted chana:

Handful of roasted chana in your office desk can do wonders.  It will boost your energy,which can add more productivity to your work, as it contains important vitamin like thiamine and mineral like magnesium. It is full of fiber and low in calories, so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. Also being rich in fiber, it will keep you full for a long time.


You can’t go wrong with fruits anytime in office.If you are confused about what to eat, the best option is to grab a fruit! Fruits will boost up your immunity and you will not get infected with flu in your work area. They are always a healthier replacement snack in place of sandwiches. They are less in calories which keeps your weight in check.

Handful of almonds:

Always keep a packet of almonds in your office drawer. Lets see how it benefits-:
  • Nuts and seeds contain good amount of vitamin E.

  • Almonds help to increase memory as vitamin E has a property to decline cognitive problems.

  • Almonds are also packed with energy, anytime if you feel hungry and juggling with snack options, without giving any second thought, you can easily rely on them!!

Puffed rice : 

If you want a lighter snack and something which you can experiment with, in terms of variety and taste, puffed rice is a good option for working professionals.
  • This Indian snack is low in calories and fat.

  • You can always add some onions,tomatoes and cucumber to enjoy this snack.

  • More specifically, it is a home-made “bhel” without chutneys added to it and will never make you gain weight while working for long hours.